Here is a brief scheduling update for the sanitary sewer and watermain works being done in the Rockwood area.  Please note these timelines are all weather permitting/

  1. Microtunneling works are completed (including welding of pipe sections and testing).
  2. Construction of sanitary sewer chambers on Ponytrail Drive south of Burnhamthorpe Road (near Fleetwood Park) should be completed by the end of October – including full restorations (paving, curb works and sod restoration)
  3. Watermain construction on Rathburn Road between Fieldgate Drive to Ponytrail Drive is completed. Currently we are paving that section of the road. Once the paving is done the traffic will be redirected to the newly paved section and long watermain services across Rathburn Road will be constructed. Estimated time of completion – mid October.
  4. Sanitary sewer construction at the intersection of Rathburn Road and Ponytrail Drive by Jack and Bore Method will start at the beginning of November with the estimated completion by the end of November.
  5. Sanitary sewer construction on Ponytrail Drive – between Rathburn/Ponytrail intersection and the microtunneling shaft location will start simultaneously with the J&B operation at the intersection- estimated completion by the end of November (weather permitting)
  6. Construction of sanitary sewer and watermain on Rathburn Road – between Ponytrail Drive and Bough Beeches Blvd. (north lanes) is expected to start in the beginning of December (weather permitting) and to be completed in January 2019.
  7. Construction of the watermain on Ponytrail Drive – between Rathburn Road and Burnhamthorpe Road is expected to start in February/March 2019 (weather permitting)