Construction Coordination in Mississauga

Construction Coordination on City Roads

Many of you have expressed concerns about the amount of construction going on in your neighbourhood and question whether the work is being coordinated properly. Given this feedback, I felt it was important to explain how the work is coordinated and let you know where you can find construction information and updates.

Understanding Why There is So Much Construction

The City of Mississauga is an established city and its aging infrastructure often requires rehabilitation or replacement. This includes work on major roads (i.e. Dixie Road) as well as local neighbourhood roads. Ward 3 is a good example of a mature area that requires significant infrastructure life-cycle renewal.

There are many capital projects such as road paving, curb replacements, watermain and sanitary sewer pipe replacement/installation that are currently happening and planned throughout the City of Mississauga. This construction is done jointly by the City of Mississauga and the Region of Peel. In addition, many other utilities and services such as hydro, gas, and various communication companies also work (sometimes at the same time) on or adjacent to roads that are under construction.

This does not include any emergency work which may have to be done with minimal advance notice.

Where Can You Find Information About Construction

A construction map is available on the City’s website at As well as City of Mississauga and Region of Peel information, the map includes some information from Alectra, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and Metrolinx. You can also find ward specific road project updates on the map.

Coordinating Information Between the City of Mississauga and the Region of Peel

The City and the Region have been working closely for several years to improve how they complete capital construction projects. They are committed to ensuring that the work they do is completed efficiently with the least disruption to you as a resident.

Other Utilities

One of the major challenges to coordinating construction work on City-owned roads is that there are other utilities (such as gas, hydro and telecommunications) that need to be considered. The City of Mississauga and the Region of Peel continue to work with these utilities to improve construction work coordination.

Improving How You Know There is Construction Happening

The City of Mississauga is improving the way we communicate with residents and the community. We will be launching an updated online construction map shortly. Information about where to find the map will be available on social media (@cityofmissisauga) for the summer construction season. Updates and reminders about the construction map will be given throughout the summer.

Updated construction notices will be distributed to residents to let them know what work is planned, who is doing the work, and provide updates during each project. Please look for these notices at your home if there is construction work in your area.

I would once again encourage you to visit the City’s construction map to see what work may be happening in your neighbourhood.