4005 Hickory Drive – OZ 17/006

January 2019

Notice of Decision to OZ 17 006

November 15, 2018

4005 Hickory Drive
LPAT – Pre-Hearing – November 28th at 10am
The purpose of this pre-hearing is to determine how many days will be set aside for the Hearing. The Judicator will ask the City and Applicant how many witnesses they will present, etc. The Judicator will then ask if anyone else would like to come forward to make a submission. Those residents wishing to participate will have an opportunity to have their name added to the list and time allotted.
Please note that if you do not attend the prehearing converence, the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) may proceed in your absence and you will not be entitled to any further notice of these proceedings.

4005 Hickory Drive LPAT Hearing

June 25th Update

The application for OZ 17/006 W3 4005 Hickory Drive was declined by Planning & Development Committee at the June 25th public meeting.


Documents Related to 4005 Hickory Drive – OZ 17/006 – Ward 3

Scan – Letter to Residents regarding Sept. 18th public meeting

Appeal Letter to OMB

Appeal letter to Planning

Appeal letter to Planning- Nov 23.2017_

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