Vision Zero & Road Safety Initiatives

Vision Zero is a road safety approach that has been approved by City Council in February 2018. The framework focuses on the prevention of fatalities and injuries from motor vehicle collisions. Vision Zero came about from the belief that no loss of life is an acceptable price for travelling on our roads. By adopting Vision Zero, staff will start to look at major arterial roadways to make Mississauga roads safer to drive, walk and cycle on.

Mississauga’s commitment to road safety is ongoing.  It includes the implementation of specific initiative, countermeasures and staff involvement with organizations, to promote and advocate for road safety best practices.  Some examples are:

  • Traffic Calming:  City staff completed the installation of traffic calming on five roadways this year two of which are in Ward 3, Bough Beeches Blvd. and Fieldgate Drive.  Staff are also implementing a number of traffic calming measures to further reduce speeding and aggressive driving throughout Mississauga. These include traffic circles and speed humps.
  • Crossing Guards:  the City has more than 200 school crossing guards who are ready every school day to help students at designated crossings around Mississauga.
  • Pedestrian Crossover Pilot Project:  The City recently completed the installation of five new pedestrian crossovers in various neighbourhood around the City.  A pedestrian crossover is a type of crossing where by law; drivers are required to stop for pedestrians intending to cross the road.  Pedestrian crossovers allow pedestrians to cross roads safely and all have specific signs and pavement markings.

Other road safety initiatives being explored include:

  • Automated speed enforcement in school zones (i.e. photo radar)
  • Red light cameras at City intersections
  • Reduced speed limits
  • Physically separated cycling lanes
  • Bicycle signals and safe crossings for cyclists

For more information Click on the link:  Vision Zero