Dundas Connects

The Dundas Street Corridor is an active and dynamic street, exemplifying the City’s diversity. Along the corridor there are stores, businesses, parks, schools, churches and beautiful neighbourhoods. Dundas is also a key part of our transportation network, with thousands of people using it every day to move around the city.  Over the next 35 to 40 years, the City estimates that the number of people using Dundas Street will greatly increase. To establish a vision for the future of land use and transportation along Dundas, the City developed the Dundas Connects Master Plan. The Master Plan was endorsed by Council in June 2018, and contains recommendations that are now being implemented.

To implement the Dundas Connects recommendations for road widening, the City has implemented an amendment to the Official Plan (MOPA 106), which was approved by Council on February 5, 2020. The Official Plan Amendment widened the right-of-way of Dundas Street across the corridor in order to protect for its width as future redevelopment of properties occurs.   The City is also undertaking alternative design concepts for the proposed Dundas Street Bus Rapid Transit in order to realize the vision of the Dundas Connects Master Plan, which will form the basis of the detailed design and future construction of the BRT line along the Dundas Street corridor.

In parallel, the City will be implementing the planning recommendations of the Master Plan through the Major Transit Station Area policy process, which  will include opportunities for public engagement. Through this process, the recommendations of the Master Plan related to a range of planning considerations such as heights, built form and urban design will be incorporated into the City’s Official Plan in order to translate the endorsed Master Plan into official City policy. 

For more information about the consultation process, or the Master Plan itself, please visit the Dundas Connects Master Plan webpage at www.dundasconnect.ca or contact Bashar Al-Hussaini, Bashar.Al-Hussaini@mississauga.ca.