1315 Silver Spear – OZ 18/005 W3

June 2020 – Update

Update on file OZ 18/005 W3 for a proposed additional apartment building at 1315 Silver Spear Road, staff have  provide the following update/summary:

  • Initial comments on the first submission were provided to the applicant on July 30, 2018;
  • Information Report/Public Meeting went to Planning and Development Committee on February 19, 2019 to obtain feedback from the community – no decision made;
  • Staff have followed up several times with the applicant on whether they plan to proceed with their application and make a revised submission.  Last correspondence was dated January 17, 2020 from the applicant which stated that they are working on a revised submission and asked that the file remain open.
  • To date we have not received a revised submission, however, given the time that has lapsed since the initial public meeting, there will be a requirement for re-notification and another public meeting prior to any decision being made by Council on the application.


February 2019

1315 Silverspear Notice

January 2019

Public Meeting Notice – Jan. 28th


November 2018