In preparation for the winter season, the City will relocate waste containers in parks and along trails. The City will ensure that waste containers are located at high traffic areas in parks. The City encourages park and trail users to clean up after themselves (including after their pets) when visiting parks and trails to keep these areas clean and beautiful for all to enjoy.
Please visit Inside Map that shows the location of waste containers in each park organized by ward to identify whether the containers are for either: Year-round (Yellow dots), or Seasonal use only (Green dots)
Below are some tips to help keep our parks clean!
  • Make sure you are putting waste in the proper containers. Black is for waste and blue is for recycling.
  • Always put your trash in a proper container. If one is not available, hold on to your trash until you come across one.
  • Going for a hike? Consider using a refillable water bottle instead of a disposable one.
  • To report litter in a park or along a trail, please call 3-1-1.