Please note that the following information has been provided to my office to update the Ward 3 community.

Resurfacing work on Toronto Pearson’s Runway 06L/24R this spring is planned to commence on April 23, 2018 and conclude in June 2018. This project will consist of electrical work, and the milling and resurfacing of runway 06L/24R to keep the surface in top condition.

At the CENAC meeting held on March 22, GTAA staff provided residents in attendance with an update on this project and have posted a video of the presentation on their website.

In comparison to spring 2017’s rehabilitation of the 05/23 runway, this work does not require a closure of the runway during peak hours. They have scheduled the work during the off peak hours  (22:00 – 06:00) when flight traffic is lowest.

Please note: There is a strong likelihood that they will be required to use the north/south runways between 10 p.m. and 12 a.m for certain segments of this project. They expect these segments of work to take place over about 18 nights throughout the project. Please check the Noise Advisory page for weekly updates on the current project segment and expected runway use. They will also be posting to Twitter (@TorontoPearson) daily to provide updates on the project.