This is not a community meeting and is a drop-in format, outdoors, with controlled access to the outdoor rink where it is taking place, in order to strictly limit the number of people walking through.  The 4-hour window is an opportunity for the public to walk through this large area to see the renovation plans for the community centre which will be displayed on storyboards on easels spread out around the rink floor.  While project team staff will be available to answer any questions, there is no speaking segment or meeting where people would gather, and there will be no seating or opportunity to stay once residents have walked through the area and asked their questions.  Face coverings are required, as noted in the media release.

The storyboards will be displayed in the community centre for the coming months and the information will also be on the project website, as an opportunity to keep the public updated and answer any questions as we lead up to the renovation and building closure next spring.


Join us to preview what the redesign of Burnhamthorpe Community Centre will look like!

Come join us anytime between 3 PM – 7 PM on Thursday, October 1 at the outdoor arena of Burnhamthorpe Community Centre for a preview of the new additions to Burnhamthorpe Community Centre.

This will be your chance to see what enhancements we will provide the Rathwood-Applewood community by constructing a new aquatic and fitness centre as well as improving infrastructure to address population growth and changing demographics in the area.

Visit the Burnhamthorpe Community Centre Public Information page for more information. We look forward to seeing you!