Playground redevelopment at Rockwood Glen is beginning June 3 and will take approximately two weeks to complete, weather permitting. The new playground at Rockwood Glen is expected to be completed by mid-June, 2020.

As part of the new standard for improving playground accessibility, the new playground at Rockwood Glen includes:

  • Play structure for ages 2-5 years with transfer deck (for children with disabilities)
  • Play structure for ages 5-12 years with transfer deck
  • Swings with 1 accessible swing seat, 3 baby seats, and 2 belt seats
  • Two spring toys and spinning seat
  • Sandbox
  • Wheelchair accessible route into playground
  • Accessible playground mulch surfacing
  • Two park benches with armrests, and wheelchair space in seating area

Signs are being posted on-site.

If residents have any questions, please feel free to contact the Project Manager in Community Services at