Rats are a common pest found year round and are mainly active at night. They are usually found near buildings, gardens, garbage or composters. Residents can monitor their property for evidence of rats (e.g., capsule-shaped droppings, burrows, chewed food, bite marks on walls/surfaces) to better protect their property. Residents who notice rats on their property can help prevent them with the following:

Eliminate Denning Sites:

  • Inspect your home to identify entry points.
  • Cover holes with metal sheeting and use heavy gauge mesh to cover vents.
  • Remove or clean up yard debris such as woodpiles or other yard waste, and ensure the grass is cut regularly.

Eliminate Food Sources:

  • Remove bird feeders, as fallen bird seed can attract rats.
  • Clean up pet waste, pet food, fallen fruit and fallen bird seed.
  • Store bird and grass seed in rodent-proof containers.
  • Screen the bottom of backyard composters and store household garbage and compost in rodent-proof containers.

If residents are experiencing a rodent infestation on their property, they should call a licensed pest control company.