• The City will continue to process any payments made through Financial Institutions either in person or on-line or through the City’s drop box for cheques on the north side of Civic Centre.
  • If a taxpayer has provided postdated cheques, these payments will be deferred, they can use the payment methods noted above to continue to pay based on the original due dates. The post-dated cheques already received will then be pulled from the deferred due date deposits.
  • Taxpayers can notify the City through our general email at tax@mississauga.ca

Please contact the above mentioned email address and provide your tax roll number. At that point you can advise them that you do not want to defer your payments.

Tax Deferral Spread Sheet

Reminder: This is just a deferral. All property taxes need to be paid before the end of the year.

Pay Property Taxes – Mississauga