Many residents have expressed their concerns about the timing of the resurfacing work on Rathburn Road East and Ponytrail Drive now that the Region of Peel has completed their underground works and the temporary road restoration is in place. I want to provide you with an update on the next steps and explain why the full resurfacing of these roads will take place in 2021.

Over the years, many members of the community have given feedback to the City about improvements they would like to see to these roads. Various projects and proposals have been presented to the community in the past, including the Lormel Development, the Region’s watermain and sanitary sewer work, the Burnhamthorpe Road East reconstruction project, and more. I have heard your thoughts and concerns, as have City staff, and we are committed to finding ways to incorporate those suggestions into the City’s resurfacing project in 2021. The resurfacing project provides us with the opportunity to improve the roads and improve the community as a whole. Ideas that we’ve heard from you in the past include Low Impact Development (LID) features, better landscaping, improving safety, creating better places to walk, and so on.

In order to properly integrate all of those possible elements into the resurfacing project on Rathburn Road East and Ponytrail Drive, City staff will be carrying out a planning and design exercise in 2020. This exercise will review and make proposals to improve the pedestrian environment, add cycling infrastructure, landscaping and LID features, and more. We plan to keep the community fully engaged and informed throughout the process, so that we capture all of your thoughts and feedback, whether it is something that has been raised in the past, or something that is a new idea.

Once the planning and design work is complete, the City will proceed to implement all of the approved improvements as part of the road resurfacing work in 2021.