Unfortunately restoration works for the Ponytrail Project is on hold until Monday, June 10. The asphalt spreader caught fire on Tuesday and is currently being repaired. During this time of the year, all asphalt companies are fully booked and ATS (subcontractor) was not able to replace the spreader immediately. ATS has ensured us that a spreader will be on site on Monday to continue with the paving activities.
The restoration schedule for the next week is as follows:
Monday, June 10 – ATS will be on site to continue paving
Tuesday, June 11 – ATS on site to do Line painting
Wed /Thurs – Traffic median restoration
Friday – Finalizing restoration works
Please note that even though the restoration crew was not working on Ponytrail today, a second crew was still on site working on the watermain installation at Rathburn East.
I have requested the Region of Peel provide me with a weekly update on the progress of this project until its completion.