As dog owners, set a good example by being courteous and abiding our Animal Care and Control By-law. This includes leashing your dogs whenever you take them outside such as in public spaces and City parks. A dog’s leash should be kept no longer than six feet (1.8 metres) in length.

A leash helps keep your dog safe from:

  • running away and getting lost
  • wandering into traffic
  • confrontations with wildlife (e.g., coyotes) and unfriendly dogs
  • approaching dead or diseased wildlife
  • eating things such as poison, animal poop or drinking from contaminated puddles

A leash also benefits you, your dog and the community by:

  • preventing your dog from scaring or jumping on children, other people or pets
  • preventing lawsuits or vet bills from injuries that could occur

The City has designated leash-free zones where dogs can be off leash. For a list of leash-free zones in Mississauga:

For more information about being a responsible dog owner, including leash safety tips, visit