I would like to thank residents for their patience during the recent significant weather event the City experienced on January 28th  Below is an update on City operations:

  • Priority routes – have been completed with some touch ups areas being addressed today
  • Secondary routes – most have been completed and crews are out dealing with streets they could not access due to parked cars.
  • Sidewalk and bus stop routes continue to be done today.  Staff have advised that it has been a slow process  due to the volumes of snow.

The Significant Weather Event is still in place with the extreme cold warning issued by Environment Canada.  As such, service levels have not been set.  That being said, staff advise that most routes have been completed.

Please remember to keep parked cars off the streets if your road has not been completed.  Staff will endeavour to do their best however, cannot perform their job efficiently with cars in the way.

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