The City of Mississauga needs to protect its supply of rental housing. With limited development of new rental housing and vacancy rates at 0.9 per cent, City staff yesterday brought forward a proposed Rental Housing Protection By-law to the Planning and Development Committee. The by-law will regulate the demolition and conversion of rental housing.

According to the staff report, the by-law will apply to demolition or conversion proposals for residential buildings where there are six or more purpose-built rental units. This includes apartments and townhouses built as rental housing at the outset. Rented condominiums, second units and social housing operated by the Region of Peel will be exempt.

Earlier this year, City staff consulted with tenants, rental housing owners, developers and other stakeholders and considered the comments received when preparing the proposed by-law.

City staff expects to bring the proposed by-law to Council for approval by early July 2018.

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