I have been advised by Regional staff that the above mentioned project is currently under construction and is anticipated to be completed by the end of June.

On Palstan Road, they have installed and commissioned the new watermain and are currently in the process of transferring services from the old main to the new one. This should be done within the next week at which time they will decommission the old watermain and start restoration. 

On Flagship Drive, they have installed the new watermain and have planned a connection of the new main to the existing system this week. Once the new main is connected, they will start to transfer services and make other connections as they go. This will take a few weeks. Once they have everybody on the new main and the old one decommissioned, they will start restoration of Flagship.

Also to note is that the City of Mississauga is scheduled to resurface Flagship when they are finished so they will only be installing base asphalt and temporary curbs on Flagship.