The GTAA just recently informed my office about a four-phase construction project on their main East-West Runway 05/23 at Toronto Pearson. Phase one and two will take place over the next seven weeks through to mid-May. This means that they will be reducing the use of this runway and closing it at times so the work can be undertaken. 


Throughout this runway rehabilitation work, aircraft taking off and landing at Toronto Pearson may be required to use alternate runways. They regularly change runway configurations, but this construction work means less use of this runway for the next two months and therefore at times, some neighbourhoods may hear more, or less, aircraft noise than they are accustomed to hearing.


They have also advised my office that if constituents have any concerns about unusual aircraft noise, they can contact the GTAA’s Noise Office at: 416-247-7682 and can find more information on aircraft noise and registering noise complaints on the Noise Office webpage. 


If you have any further questions or concerns about aircraft noise, you are welcome to attend the Community Environment & Noise Advisory Committee (CENAC) meetings held at the GTAA office. The next meeting is on April 19 starting at 5:30pm.