Now that the weather is getting cooler, the number of waste receptacles in parks and trails are being relocated and reduced and waste routes have been adapted to ensure timely collection. Cans will be placed at access points to trails and Parks, ensuring that patrons pass a set of cans on their way in and out of each area and have easy access to for disposal in waste receptacles.  Staff will continue to pick loose litter and debris as required as  they have in the past.
The operational refinement is predicated on the following criteria:
  • Less litter is generated during the winter months
  • Records and  experience has shown that more cans do not mean less garbage or litter is generated
  • Limits the opportunity for household dumping
  • Adjusts frequency of pick up and service to each site based on need
  • Reduce damage to the turf boulevards and trail edges with reduced areas of vehicle access
  • Reduce the number of vehicle/pedestrian interactions on trails during seasons of inclement weather and darker periods
Regardless if you are walking in the parks, trails or sidewalks, please do your part in reducing litter. Please ensure you dispose of your garbage and recycling in the appropriate bins.