TCP Rathburn Phase 3




As part of the sanitary sewer replacement project, the sewer will need to be installed diagonally through the intersection, from the north-west corner to the south-east corner of the intersection. Unfortunately this alignment was inevitable due to the existing asset constraints as this sewer needed to connect to the sewer from Pascal Court (which is on the south side of Rathburn Road).

The attached traffic management plan does restrict traffic from turning left and travelling through the intersection, thus the only turning movements allowed would be:

–          Turning right from Rathburn to Golden Orchard (eastbound and westbound)

–          Turning right from Golden Orchard to Rathburn (northbound and southbound)

The project team does recognize that this is a school bus route, and therefore, the project team is requesting that this intersection work be completed on Saturday, November 25 – Sunday, November 26 from 8am-4pm.

Prior to Saturday’s work, flashing message boards (PVMS) will be erected on Monday, November 21 in each of the 4 directions advising people in advance of this work and lane/turning restrictions. In addition, a notification letter will be sent to the surrounding residents advising of this turning restriction and work.

Please note that the project team will coordinate with Mi-Way and the school (St.Basil School) to ensure there are no conflicts during these working times.

If approval is granted, the project team will coordinate with the City of Mississauga staff to acquire a noise by-law exemption for Sunday’s work, and the City staff will notify all applicable agencies (ie: emergency services).