The Garnetwood Park playground, which was installed in 1994, is now at the end of its life-cycle of 20+ years and is showing underlying corrosion of the supporting steel compromising the equipment’s structural integrity and is now undergoing replacement as part of Community Service’s playground life cycle replacement program.
The City of Mississauga plans and budgets for replacement of old playground equipment as part of the budget forecast.  Under the Playground Redevelopment Program, playgrounds are ranked and prioritized by structural condition and other factors. The City’s Playground Program maintains corporate standards and practices for public-use children’s playground equipment in alignment with the recommendations of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).  Together with the CSA Standard and Corporate standards and practices, the Playground Program provides the framework to manage and assess the lifecycle replacement of playgrounds in the City’s park system and playgrounds in new park developments.
Garnetwood Little Tikes Playground Perspective