safe city (Copy)

Below is a note from Alex Papatchidis, your Neighbourhood Watch Program Coordinator and Staff Criminologist:

It’s September – the start of another school year! As the Summer comes to a close, and kids begin walking to/from school, Neighbourhood Watch wanted to focus on road safety for this issue. The attached has information on the Neighbourhood Speed Watch Program. It’s a free program where you can borrow a City speedometer for your own neighbourhood and record/report speeders as they pass by. It’s a great program and sends a strong signal that your street will not be tolerating dangerous driving.

Crime Prevention Services (CPS) is hosting their CYBER ACADEMY again. This academy is free to attend, but you do need to register. It always fills up, every single time, so please register quickly if you’d like to attend. Flyer is attached. 

Crime Prevention Services is also promoting their back-to-school campaign to educate people on being aware of their surroundings – in particular with distracted walkers/drivers on their phone. Every year dozens of people die in the Region of Peel due to distracted walking/driving – please don’t become a part of that statistic. Put the phone down. 

Alex from the Neighbourhood Watch Program is currently working on the Safest City Report and hopes to have it completed and on their website Safe City Mississagua by the next Bulletin. I will keep you all informed! 

CYBER Academy – 10-16