Route 7 – Airport, Route 35 – Eglinton and Route 87 – Meadowvale-Skymark

• Transitway construction has completed and these routes will be resuming their regular routing along Eglinton Avenue and will no longer be on detour servicing Tahoe Blvd. and Buckhorn Gate.

Route 21 – Explorer

• This route will service Dixie Road after exiting Dixie Station and will resume current routing at Eglinton Avenue.

Routes 107– Malton Express & 109 – Meadowvale Express

• In anticipation of the opening of the new transitway stations east of Dixie Station – Tahoe and Etobicoke Creek –these routes will be on detour following the transitway alignment and serving these stations at street level until construction is complete. Once construction and station commissioning is complete in January 2016 these routes will run on the Transitway.

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