• Tomken Road – Bloor Street to Burnhamthorpe Road – Staff have reanalysed the illumination levels along this section of roadway and determined the illumination levels meet the standards adopted by the City.
  • Intersection street lights. LED lights at most intersections, though similar in appearance, vary in their light distribution pattern from the lights installed along a straight stretch of road. Delivery of these intersection lights is expected around the end of May this year.
  • Lights ON 24/7. In some cases, where the radios in the lights cannot communicate with surrounding lights due to large distances between the lights they may remain ON 24/7 until the gaps are closed with other LED lights. We are making every attempt to reduce the time the lights stay ON during the day. The lights remaining ON during the day at the intersection of Tomken and Runningbrook are the old high pressure sodium luminaires which will be converted to LED shortly.
  • Rathburn Road. The LED lights for sections of Rathburn Road are expected to be delivered shortly and installation will be scheduled.