The City of Mississauga receives complaints every year relating to the discharge of fireworks.  The following has been provided for your information:

Parks – The discharge of fireworks in a City park is prohibited except when a valid permit has been issued. Enforcement is the responsibility of Corporate Security. The public may contact the City through its facility watch programme at 905- 615-4060. [The Parks By-law 186-05, as amended, Section 12(7)].

Roadways – The discharge of fireworks on public streets and road allowances is prohibited. Peel Regional Police should be contacted for enforcement issues. Municipal Law Enforcement Officers lack the statutory authority to require members of the public to identify themselves. For this reason activity of this type on a public roadway would require a police response. [Fireworks By-law 0293-2001. Sect 2.].

Private Property – The discharge of fireworks located on private property is controlled through By-law 0293-2001, as amended, which limits the dates of this activity to Victoria Day and Canada Day (or the following day if the weather on the actual day makes the discharge of fireworks impractical.) In that this activity is limited to specific calendar days, the detonation of fireworks beyond midnight of the prescribed days would be prohibited. [Fireworks 0293-2001. Sect 3(1) and 3(2).].

Residents may file a complaint related to activity on private property, after the fact, through the Citizen Contact Center at 311. The property owner would then be contacted by mail or in person by a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer who would provide information regarding the limitations of the by-law.