Public Works Update – Fire Hydrant Reflective Marking Program


  • Requirement for all fire hydrants within the Region of Peel to be colour-code compliant with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and standards.
  • NFPA code recommends paint marking to indicate available fire flow.
  • The Region currently maintains 25,859 hydrants.
  • The Region identified markers instead of paint as less labour intensive, more cost effective to install and easier to adjust when there are system improvements or changes impacting area fire flow (i.e. gallons of water per minute from each hydrant).
  • The Region collaborated with Fire Chiefs from the Cities of Brampton and Mississauga and the Town of Caledon to identify a solution for the type of marker.

Current Status:

  • Program is nearing completion with most hydrants within the Region having light plastic markers (blue, green, orange and red*) with full reflective properties attached in the shape of the Firefighter’s Cross.
  • The marker is fully compliant with NFPA code.
  • The Firefighter’s Cross is the internationally recognized symbol of fire protection services.
  • Markers will help Fire and Emergency Services personnel distinguish at night between fire hydrants and other reflective markers which could help to save time in an emergency.

*Marker Colour

Available Flow


More than 1500 US gallons per minute


Between 1000 and 1500 US gallons per minute


Between 500 and 1000 US gallons per minute


Less than 500 US gallons per minute


  • A letter has been sent to the Fire Chiefs informing them of the program status and that most fire hydrants have been equipped with the new reflective markers.
  • A news release has been sent to the local media with information about the program and is posted on
  • A short information story will be posted on the Region’s internal website (Pathways) for employees.
  • A web page will be available shortly under the Public Works Water and Wastewater web page with information about the new reflective markers as well as a photograph so the community is aware of them.
  • A story about the reflective markers is available for all Members of Council should they wish to promote the information in their respective newsletters.

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