Second Units are part the City’s Affordable Housing Strategy and Action Plan. Ontario laws now require municipalities to allow second units. The proposed Second Unit Implementation Strategy includes:

  • Draft Official Plan policies (for Council approval)permitting second units in detached and semi-detached homes as well as townhouses
  • Draft Zoning By-law regulations for Council approval, including parking and distance from the property lines for entrances and stairs
  • Develop a licensing program to ensure zoning, building and fire codes, as well as property standards, are met
  • Develop informational materials and hold information sessions to help the public to understand what is required for a legal second unit in the City and
  • Build support and understanding with professional and organizations interested in second units

A Statutory Public Meeting on the Second Unit Implementation Strategy was held on February 25, 2013. At the meeting, the public heard a presentation on the strategy, and had a chance to provide comments and ask questions.

In June 2013, Council will consider a report on comments received at the February meeting and staff recommendations.

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