The traffic signals at the intersection of Eastgate Parkway at Tahoe Boulevard are currently under temporary conditions as part of the BRT construction project. As a result of a structure being constructed at the east leg of the intersection, the existing geometrics (dual left-turn lanes) at the intersection could not be maintained during the construction staging. It is the City of Mississauga’s policy to have a protected left-turn arrow when “dual left-turn” lanes are present. The removal of the westbound “dual left-turn” lanes resulted in the removal of the protected left-turn arrow for that direction. Throughout the duration of construction, there will be a total of two westbound lanes including one westbound left-turn lane and one westbound through/right lane. The traffic signal timings have been adjusted to accommodate the reduction from two westbound left-turn lanes to one westbound left-turn lane.

The dual left-turn lane configuration and protected left-turn arrow will be re-instated once construction is complete.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.