Written by Justin J. Lee
Team member
Glenforest Secondary School
DECA Chapter


Every so often, you are stuck with that one passing thought, and from there you are faced with two options.  You can choose to let it remain as something that could have been, or you can grow it into something that could be the next big thing.

For us, we encountered that decision in the summer of 2012.  After hearing about the DeVry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge from our school’s DECA chapter, we knew that this was an opportunity we had to seize.  The challenge prompted us to generate an innovative idea that is beneficial to the everyday North American consumer.

Our idea is to allow consumers to shop directly from their Smartphones using our proprietary technology.  Early in October, we made a YouTube video that was sent to DeVry University to be judged by professors and faculty.  After anxiously waiting for two weeks, the results were in and we were named one of the three finalist teams across North America! Representing Team Canada.

We traveled to Chicago to present our idea in DECA’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference in front of DeVry University’s executives.   At the closing ceremonies of the conference we were overjoyed to find out that we came in First Place and were awarded a trip back to Chicago and California paid for by DeVry University!

Our journey to the top was not easy; however, we believed in our idea and worked to make our vision a reality.

We thank our teachers, peers, school and community for all their continuous support and look forward to representing Canada in California!