See it, Report it, Prevent it

Safe City Mississauga’s Counter-Act Fraffiti Committee is launching the first Graffiti Free City Campaign from October 29th through November 29th to encourage the general public to report graffiti.

Graffiti and vandalism when left untreated can attract greater incidences of mischief and crime.  To combat this, there are two strategies that a community can use to significantly reduce or even eliminate vandalism and graffiti.  Once is rapid removal or clean up, and the other is through education.

Removing or repairing vandalism and graffiti sends a message to those committing the crime that it will not be tolerated.

Residents of Mississauga are asked to take responsibility for their city and report graffiti when they see it.  Several bus shelter advertisements and educational flyers & postcards will appear throughout the city with the slogan “See It, Report It, Prevent It”.

To report graffiti in your area, go to or just click on the link below to bring you right to the form.

Report Graffiti