Enersource continues to receive complaints from customers reporting that “representatives from Enersource” are going door-to-door, either selling energy-saving products or checking to see if people are paying the proper amount for their electricity.  These are not Enersource employees or representatives of Enersource – they do not solicit for services door-to-door, nor will they ask to see a person’s  bill  at their home to confirm the rate they are paying for electricity.  By showing your  electricity  bill to someone at the door, a person could unknowingly be giving their account information to a third-party vendor (unaffiliated with Enersource), which could lead to them being locked into a fixed-rate, fixed-term contract with   that company.

Please remember to read the fine print and understand exactly what you are committing yourself to before you agree to any offer or sign any document.   For more information on energy contracts, please visit

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