“The hope of a secure and liveable world lies with disciplined nonconformists who are dedicated to justice, peace and brotherhood.”- Martin Luther King


The inspiring nature of Martin Luther King’s articulation, declares the fabrication of a convenient and eternal truth which swims in the oceans of PhilipPocockCatholicSecondary School. A truth which is acknowledged as: Romero Justice. The Romero Justice Club abides by the respected creeds of Martin Luther King and diagnoses the ideologies and the open-minded mentality of the archbishop, Oscar Romero, from whom the club receives its name. Often, teenagers are misinterpreted and stereotyped in our society as many individuals presume that teenagers engage in unethical activities and are ignorant to situations which circumvent around them. However, once teenagers are flooded with the element of passion, they alienate the definition of humanity and philanthropy, as they exceed expectations and engage in tasks that are larger than life! Some of these remarkable teenagers are structured components, in other words, are the roots of the life-size tree: the Romero Justice Club! In a green-less forest which unconsciously diminishes trees, the wisp of Mother Nature’s disguised wand plants a protector. The “seed of hope”, role-model, tour-guide for the lost, or in other words, the universe of Romero Justice is Ms. Ruth Curran, an English teacher at Philip Pocock Catholic Secondary School. With the help of Ms. Curran, these students have reached the secret galaxies, which are inside Mother Earth herself! They sailed to the galaxy of Costa Rica on January of 2012, to plant trees in the rainforest which became homes to Mono Titi squirrel monkeys, an endangered species!  They adopted a village in the galaxy of Sierre Leone to help build a clean water station and ‘good-sportingly’ host many events which are beneficial and help the growth of their village! “Love the world”, “A cry for help”, “We are all in this together”, a few words of wisdom, which ‘wisdomize’ our world! Unfortunately, we often forget these words and are left with words which only screech ignorance and hatred. Fortunately, Romero Justice managed to remind us of these words daily, as they sold personalised “We are the Change” and “Change is in You” bracelets. The money collected from the sold bracelets was given to the draught relief in the horn of Africa and was further used to fund their work trip in the galaxy of Costa Rica. Words of wisdom are needed to re-construct the fragile human mind; however, along with embodying Shakespeare’s most sacred scripts, sustaining human growth and development by utilizing basic necessities is essential for survival. Though the absence of basic necessities is extensively problematic to human culture, the students Philip Pocock along with the staff and families combat the issue, in an effective manner. They preach towards their personal doctrines and work with Scott Mission, Covenant House and Good Shepherd to process survival backpacks for the homeless. As the potion of basic necessities is essential to develop the human growth, “life-altering” moments or the stage of self-actualization as described by Maslow, is an essential for the human heart and mind. The ideal of self-actualization can be explored in a variety of methods: from understanding the potential of your own personal self to understanding your own being while wearing the shoes of another being. Romero Justice Club experienced self-actualization based on the latter method, as they participated in a 24 hours Vow of Silence, as part of their campaign to increase local awareness for children’s rights internationally. The students defined their own being as they understood the definition of other beings: the silence of millions facing oppression – their constant battle with poverty, war, and slavery. The Vow of Silence initiative powered the quiet halls of Philip Pocock, as the awareness of many global issues and the students glimpsed self-actualization. The opposite of a patriarchal society is equality and the accurate term for the philosophy of feminism is egalitarian. To paint the skies, seas, and soil with an ‘equality society’ and an ‘egalitarian philosophy’, these students made a stand, in fact, they made a march. They marched in the Walk Against Male Violence inToronto and sent letters to the Prime Minister to call for a stronger supporter of women’s right nationally and internationally. Jewel by jewel, the Romero Justice club managed to create the most flawless necklace which fulfills all of the essentials to humanity itself! Ignorant teenagers? These teenagers were ignorant alright! They were ignorant because they didn’t realize how their endeavours are moulded in Martin Luther Kind’s words! They were ignorant because, they weren’t aware that the nature of their simplicity was reducing the complexities present on Mother Earth.

By: Ruchika Dalawari

Credits: Ms. Curran and Mahlet G